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with Natural Elements

Natural Elements products are made in the UK and are 100% organic - there are no chemicals that harm or damage your skin. Pure ingredients make your skin look healthy and vibrant. Vital oils -anti dioxidants protect you from UV rays and contain cellulose for anti ageing. Products are available for skin prone to acne, spots, eczema etc, and are also sold for treatment at home. All our oils are free from nut oils. We take great pride in our facials and offer 5 of the most highly effective Anti-Ageing facials available. All facials include complimentary hand, head or foot massage.

Facials are recommended once a month; we know you'll love the feel of the products and using them at home daily will give you maximum results keeping up the good work!


Luxuriating for the eyes, face and neck
A non surgical facial, cell regeneration from the anti-ageing experts. A face lift wihtout the surgery that is clinically proven to lift sagging muscles, reduce wrinkles and lift tissues.
Single session £45
Book a course of 6 sessions,
great value - feel good,
look good for less £250

Luxury Facial

Luxury uplifting facial
To stimulate collagen production in all areas around eyes, mouth and neck, this luxury & uplifting facial will leave you with a glowing, plumped youthful complexion. Using the top products from the "ten years younger Kit", main ingredients are: lavender, geranium and patchouli.
1 hr £37

Holistic Balancing Facial

Detoxify and refresh your complexion
To balance your skins PH level, designed for combination skin, detoxifying and refreshing your complexion, also rebalancing skin tone and cleansing of pores. Using our holistic facial oil, the main ingredients are: wheat germ oil (nourishing, natural antioxidant, excellent for balancing mature skin), orange oil (de-stressing, tension release, anti fatigue), grape fruit (detoxifying, skin toning) and patchouli oil (combination skin, nourishing for open pores).
1 hr £36

Uplifting Facial

Nourish away the dryness
To combat dry & exhausted aged skin, ideal for people outdoors. Protects you from the elements and deeply moisturises. Using our re-hydrating facial oil, the main ingredients are: avocado oil (penetrates upper layers, plumps up fine lines and wrinkles), evening primrose oil (stimulates exhausted skin), elemi essential oil (combats dryness), jasmine oil (de-stressing, highly holistic and relaxing).
1 hr £38

Balancing Facial

Rebalance and repair
Blended with Peach & Lavender, these precious oils have the ability to repair dry skin like no other. Re-balancing for skin prone to hormonal spots. Much needed!
1 hr £36

Revital Facial

Luxury uplifting facial
To repair damaged skin, perfect for smokers and sun damage, this nourishing facial will help reduce & repair existing pigmentation complaints & fine lines, the main ingredients are: peach kernel oil (prevents skin dehydration), rosehip oil (vitamin C, omega 3, regenerating fine lines), rose oil (dry skin, wrinkle reduction, helps poor circulation), neroli (skin nourishing and protective), sandalwood (dry & damaged skin, detoxifying tonic). All oils used are unadulterated essential oils. Pure, finely sourced, highly beneficial.
1 hr £40

Teenage Facial

For young skin, the natural way
For boys and girls, a great facial that uses 100% natural products and can help with teenage skin problems.
45 mins £25

Do you need help with your Eyes?

Our eye intensive special
Prefector for eyes only, intensive program to reduce puffiness, lines, dark circles and milia, see the difference after one treatment! Allow 45mins.
Single session £28
Course of 6 sessions £154
(last session half price)

Eye Treatment

Gentle care
Protect and care for this area as it is very vulnerable. Helps dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and tired eyes
30 mins £22
Half price combined with a facial £12

Eyebrows and Lashes

Shape and emphasise
Change your look in minutes by concentrating on the focal area of your face.
(24 hour skin patch test required for tint)
Eyebrow trim £8
Eyebrow & eyelash tint £18
Eyebrow tint £7
Eyelash tint £12
Eyebrow reshape £10
Eyebrow & eyelash tint n tidy £25
LA LA EXPRESS ind. lashes £35
Full set removal Free