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MASSAGE for the body

Treatment for the body and mind

Massage is the best hands on treatment for body and mind. Take care of yourself or give a gift of this truly holistic experience.

Full Body Aromatherapy

Using the finest essential oils
Using the purest of EVE TAYLOR essential oils for maximum effect to heal mind and body, we blend our oils to suit your individual needs, making it very personal.
Whole body massage - 1hr £38
Back, neck and shoulder massage,
including legs - ½ hr £28

Swedish Body Massage

Revigorate your body
Deep pummelling, reviving massage to relieve aches, pains and tensions to suit your individual needs.
Whole body massage - 1hr £38
Back, neck and shoulder massage,
including legs - ½ hr £28

Body Polish

See your skin glow
Eliminates dead cells, refines skin's texture, leaving skin smooth, soft, moisturised and glowing - using the most expensive oils - Neroli, Rose and Geranium. Good all year round, especially for summer.
1 hr £34

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Warm, relaxing and penetrating
An encasing, warm, comforting, heavenly massage using heated volcanic stones. Deep-penetrating, relaxing tense muscles, aiding detox for mind and body.
Whole body massage - 1½ hr £55
Back, neck and shoulder massage,
including legs - ½ hr £35

Mummy to Be

Preparing for that special moment of motherhood
Specialised back massage treatment and a very welcome pedicure for tired feet (...a lovely gift!)
1½ hr £50

Children's Massage

From 5 years up
From 5 to 16 - they love it! Back, neck and shoulder, includes legs. Kids get tense, so massage is great for relaxation. Must be accompanied by mum or dad.
½ hr £20


Holistic therapy
A holistic therapy using finger pressure to stimulate points in the feet that link to various organs and system in the body. Conditions that respond well are fatigue, joint and muscles pain, circulatory problems, anxiety, panic attacks, digestive problems, sinusitis, headaches, chronic pain, hormonal imbalance and stress.
1 hr £34
Course of 6 sessions, special price £188

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment

Holistic treatment
Suitable for 5yrs and upwards, helps wax blockages, sinusitis, glue ear, tension headaches, congestion - especially effective after a cold, allergic rhinitis, hay fever and tinnitus. Acupressure and drainage movements aid the release of congestion (ear syringing encourages wax build up) and hopi treatment is very relaxing too!
45 mins £25
Course of 6 sessions (1 session free) £125


The natural way
Widely recognised as a safe and gentle therapy. Sacred symbols are used to activate and channel healing energy into the personal aura and physical body. Therapy involves lying comfortably, fully-clothed in quiet, calm surroundings. Promotes positive energy and stimulates healing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual - and can help with a wide range of conditions from stress, insomnia, depression, backache to poor digestion and many other general ailments.
1 hr £32